Downward-Facing Dawg: I Am Looking for a More “Urban” Yoga Experience

Okay, here’s the deal: I recently moved to an up-and-coming neighborhood that honestly isn’t 100% safe, but it seemed worth it to me because I like to experience different kinds of cultures, But in actuality, I am totally baffled that most of the people I encounter are still white. I mean, I spend a lot of time each day in my hood. I stop at the coffee shop each morning and the juice bar every evening after work. I ride my bicycle to the park where I have joined a kickball league. I am out there trying to gain different experiences, because that is something I have decided is important to my personal growth. I have even chosen to be bisexual on OKCupid.

I was thinking about volunteering at the school in my neighborhood but I truly don’t really have time right now, so I’m trying to branch out in terms of the parts of my schedule that are already in place. Which is why I’m interested in a more “urban” yoga experience. I have come to realize that I see the same types of bodies day in and day out, when in fact, there are all different types of bodies and skin tones that are worth experiencing as they sweat and bend into beautiful poses, which can somehow be even more beautiful when they aren’t perfectly articulated. It’s okay to not be amazing at yoga! And, frankly, I’m okay being the person who takes you aside and tells you that.

You guys, I feel like I am being suffocated by my white yoga milieu.

I want someone to call me “girlfriend” over the face towels. I don’t need to drink coconut water, I can drink Vitamin Water. I’d like to try out calf stretches to the new Lil Wayne. I want some different kinds of friends for my Facebook page. I believe there are many, many ways a person can be spiritual. I want more neon and bling in my workout clothes. I want you to think me for telling you that you are allowed to do yoga, too.